Apply to Join the Association of Professional Piercers
Currently the Membership Committee and APP Administrators are processing all applications that were completed by the April 14, 2022 pre-Conference deadline.

All applications received after April 14, 2022 will be processed starting July 15, 2022; processing usually takes between 6 - 8 weeks. We appreciate your patience during our summer hiatus.

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Preparing to apply? APP Membership Requirement Checklist 

Initial dues — billed upon acceptance of an application; must be paid in order to activate membership.

Annual dues — billed at the end of each calendar year; must be paid to as part of maintaining membership.

APP Portal - APP Member types for Studio piercers, counter staff, managers, and owners

Apply to be an APP Member

Submission of Studio Environmental Criteria * is required at least every two years if:

- a (new or existing) Member joins the studio staff
- Significant changes are made within the studio

This information can be submitted using the link above and must be maintained in the dedicated Studio Representative account.

APP Portal - APP Business Member at Large - for traveling piercers and legacy piercing professionals

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APP Member application for Patron and Associate Corporate MembersApply to become an APP Member

Corporate Sponsorship
An entity or individual working in a field involved with or providing support to the field of body piercing can provide sponsorship for the APP. Examples of Corporate Sponsors are jewelry manufacturers, medical suppliers, insurers, educators, etc.

Application submission will require the following items to be considered by the APP Board of Directors:
Initial dues: $200
Annual Renewal Dues: $200
  • Business Documentation (like licensure or permitting)
  • Letter of intent
  • Samples and/or chemical analysis of products (to be evaluated by the Membership Liaison on a case-by-case basis)

 Apply to be an
APP Corporate Sponsor

Right to Refusal
— The Association of Professional Piercers (APP), its Board of Directors and Officers, reserve the right to accept or refuse any Sponsorship or proposed Sponsorship of the organization and any of its events, or offerings, at its sole discretion. The APP reserves the right to discontinue Sponsorships of the organization and any of its events, or offerings, and return any contributions made for any reason.
Sponsorship & Contribution Approval — The Association of Professional Piercers (APP), its Board of Directors and Officers, make the final decision about accepting a contribution; a declined contribution may affect your Conference Tier level qualification or Sponsor standing with the APP and its events or offerings.