Black Lives Matter - APP Statement

To our supporters and followers,

Between the ongoing pandemic and the protests following the murder of George Floyd, people all over the world are in pain. With our Board consisting of white or non-Black POC, we felt it wasn’t our place to speak on matters pertaining to the plight of Black people. We’ve felt it better to listen and support from the background. However, it has become clear that some in our community ask that we make clear our stance.

The protests are well-founded and based on a history of inequality and injustice. We support those gathering to protest the senseless murder of George Floyd and countless other Black lives at the hands of the police.

We are proud to see so many in our community speaking out against these injustices. We hope that we can all come together and do our part to build a better future.

We love you, we stand with you, and we hope you and your families are safe and healthy.

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